A pub crawl in Budapest can be preceded with various activities

A pub crawl in Budapest can be a tiresome and challenging activity. So you better prepare for the bar run with some uplifting adventures. With our tips, you may as well jump into the night fully refreshed and educated.

Checking the pinball museum can be a great thing to do before a pub crawl in Budapest

#1: See something in Budapest you can tell the others!

Budapest is a city bursting with things to see, do and try out. But there are the usual typical stuff just everybody does. Checking the Fisherman’s bastion. Strolling through the Chain Bridge. Maybe having a look at the Parliament building. All are not so boring, but definitely must-do stuff. So you may as well see some things before a pub crawl in Budapest that are not so typical and that can increase your coolness in any conversation. We may recommend the astonishing Pinball Museum, where your childhood invites. Or Bádog Gundel/Pléh Csárda, a true Hungarian eatery that even Anthony Bourdain loved. But you can also do some hiking in the Hármashatár-hegy mountain, where an impeccable view over Budapest awaits you. No matter which you choose, you’re surely will be involved in something your peers won’t go any close to.

Sitting at Deák Ferenc Square is among the typical Budapest activities

#2: Do something authentic!

We’ve already shown you what to eat, drink and be surprised by in Budapest. We’ve also shown what you should do to feel like a local during the night. But there are some things that you can do during the daytime that’s typical to our excellent capital. This may be going by bike and discovering the city. Or having a drink or two at Deák Ferenc Square. And eating a gyros at Blaha Lujza Square. Or going out on the Gellért Hill just to check the unforgettable panorama over the Danube. You may also want to just hop on a bus that takes you around the outskirts or perhaps Buda. The hills and the curvy roads there will provide you some brilliant memories that you can share during your pub crawl in Budapest.

The Hungarian language has a strange way of pronunciation

#3: Learn how to pronounce “Egészségedre!”

This may be the most difficult task to do. And believe is, it took us some years, too! The Hungarian version of “Cheers!” is a true tongue twister, with a pretty unbalanced ratio of wovels and consonants. Probably everybody will try to explain it to you how to pronounce it. But only practice can help. As the video shows, it’s not an undoable challenge, but it definitely takes some time. The host of your pub crawl in Budapest will surely make everybody utter it at least once. So it’s better to go prepared. You may as well learn some other phrases that can come useful before the night out starts. By the time you go to bed, you should be an expert of the most common things to say in this difficult yet beautiful language. Keep up the good work!