There are some rules you better keep in mind when you visit Budapest

If you visit Budapest, brace yourself for a pretty free and liberal atmosphere. There are, however, certain street rules you should definitely adhere to while roaming the city. Keep the following thoughts in mind to avoid any inconvenient situations!

Drinking on the street is generally not allowed

Drinking on the street is (theoretically) not allowed

Once you enter Deák Ferenc Square (which is basically the heart of the city), you will see tons of youngsters sipping liquour and stretching out on the lush green grass. This is surprising knowing the fact that consuming alcohol on the street is an offense and you may be fined for it. But don’t worry. The cops don’t take it dead seriously. When you visit Budapest, you may freely get (just a little bit) soaked before your ruin bar cruise, pub crawl or stag party starts. Just be careful not to do it when you are surrounded by people in blue uniforms.

If you visit Budapest, remember not to smoke in bus and tram stops

You really shouldn’t smoke in bus and tram stops

Yeah, we know. It’s a silly rule. It is completely understandable that you need to keep a certain distance from entrances of institutions and buildings (like schools or blocks of flats). But it’s a bit goofy to make smokers step 5 meters away from a bus stop and continue their mazochist habit there. Still, it works, as many people rather not lit up a cigarette while going to school or work. Remember this if you visit Budapest and you don’t want to catch a hefty fine that can go up to the (ten) thousands!

You cannot make a photo of a person without her or his consent

You can’t just photo anybody on the street

The Internet brought with it many wonderful things, such as accessible entertainment, easy dating and lazy food ordering. Yet there are some more sensitive things, like private sphere and the protection of individual rights. These two coerced a law in Hungary that stipulates that not everybody can be photographed if the person on the picture has not allowed to be recorded for posterity. On one side, it makes absolutely no sense, but on the other, you wouldn’t be so happy to end up on someone’s Facebook wall or on a billboard without your consent. When you visit Budapest, the rule of thumb applies here too. Photo as much as you wish, but beware of the police!

Remember: the Hungarians are not hungry!

Yes, we all know how to spell the name of our country. And we also know that it bears many similarities with the feeling for not having eaten for a few hours. And we may understand that it gives reason for some weak-to-OK jokes after a few beers. Still, we hope you understand that answering if the Hungarians are really hungry can be tiresome after a while. So if you want to make a good impression while you visit Budapest, would like to hook up with a lad or a gal, just try to come up with something more original.

When you visit Budapest, do not eat in any restaurants on Váci Street

Avoid the restaurants on Váci Street by miles

The city centre is mostly for tourist. That is something we all know. So when you visit Budapest, you will surely stroll through Váci Street, the shopping street in the centre of town. We don’t wanna keep you away from it, as it is much fun. We, however, beg you not to sit in any of the restautrants that may want to sweetly invite you in. There are many, many horror stories about their kitchens and their strategies of ripping people off. So save yourself a few thousand forints and some bad memories by trying some other eateries around. You can find our favourites here!