Drinking itself is an entertaining activity. Still, there many little techniques that can make an alcoholic amok run even more fun. Try these 5 games during a Budapest bar tour and you’re sure to go home with countless new friends and extravagant memories.

Beer pong is a popular game on a Budapest bar tour
Iszik/itat is a known drinking game in Hungary

#1: Iszik/itat

It’s a very simple formula, and it’s very efficient as well. You just need a deck of cards and a handful of players. Each player gets 2 cards to keep, while one player draws a single card from the rest of the deck. The person whose card’s value in the hand matches the value of the card drawn from the deck drinks a shot. In the next turn, those having the same card-match choose who drinks a shot. Hence the name, which is roughly “Drink/Makes somebody drink” in Hungarian. Trialed and tested, its the perfect key for a perfect night a Budapest bar tour.

Drunk Jenga can make a Budapest bar tour even more fun

#2: Drunk Jenga

There are many fun ways to play Jenga with alcohol. One of the best may be to take the blocks and write certain commands on it. Like “Drink 2 margharitas in a row”. Or “Shoot tequila into someone’s mouth with a water gun”. So the one pulling the block needs to carry out the command. You can imagine: the only limit for a brilliant Budapest bar tour stop is your imagination.

You may do a great Budapest bar tour game by watching Pulp Fiction

3# The Pulp Fiction game

It’s not that easy to implement while you’re on a bar tour, but technology makes everything simpler. You just need a smartphone with Pulp Fiction on it. And whenever somebody in the film says “Fuck!”, then have a drink! It won’t take long before most members of the Budapest bar tour will feel surprisingly cheerful, enthusiastic or funny. Which is no surprise. Alternatively you may try it with The Hunger Games and drink whenever somebody dies.

#4 Paranoia

This one is a bit more social than the rest. But it only makes it more appealing. You need to stand in a circle. Then one player whispers a question into the ear of the person next to her/his. Then the person must shout out the answer loud so the others also can hear it. If you’re curious enough and can’t live without the answer in peace, then drink and the truth will be revealed to you.

A beer pong match can easily uplift any bar tour

#5 Beer pong

We wanted to leave the most obvious option for the last position. But it doesn’t alter the fact that beer pong is an endless source of laughter. The problem is that you need two groups of people and an entire table full with plastic cups and beer. The two groups stand on each side of the table and throw ping pong balls. If one group manages to land a ball in one of the cups of the other team, that cup needs to be emptied by one of the team members on the receiving end. So the sweet drunkenness is ensured. Luckily, there are many bars you can find on a Budapest bar tour that host beer pong events, so you don’t have to look endlessly for some great evening entertainment.