Budapest is full of wine bars

Let’s be honest: Hungary is an empire of wines. So it’s no surprise that Budapest is full of all kinds of wine bars, good and bad, big and small. Here, we share our three favourite Budapest wine bars with you.

Cintányéros is one of the cutest of the Budapest wine bars


Cintányéros is part of a fairy tale that could only happen in Hungary. The owners are a local couple who made their luck in Switzerland. After years of saving, they decided to come back and cheer up the otherwise controversial 8th district of the town. Ever since then, their small wine bistro has become one of the most tempting secrets of the city. A small, cosy and friendly bar with a modest selection of wines and snacks. Nothing more, nothing less. Scribble Cintányéros on your bucket list if you want the cutest of the Budapest wine bars.

In VinoWonka, you can taste delicious wines and chocolates

VinoWonka Chocolate and Wine Bar

It is fairly common to eat cheese or grapes next to a delicious bottle of wine. But chocolate belongs to the delicacies that are consumed with less frequency with such a beverage. Still, VinoWonka would like to enrich this tradition and spread it among the Budapest wine sippers. And with success. Situated only a stone’s throw away from Cintányéros, VinoWonka is a real exception among the Budapest wine bars with its impressive wine menu and cutting-edge artisan chocolates. Fancy a tasty Áts Furmint with a magical pálinka-filled praliné? Then you know where you have to go.

Szalonspicc's beauty lies in its simplicity


In case you are tired of the Pest side of the city and would like to discover something in Buda, then Szalonspicc is your place. In contrast to the typical wine bars of Budapest, this is really just a simple bistro where you can enjoy a nice variety of wines – and that’s all. No endless menus, no noisy crowds, no overwhelmed waiters. It feels like a breath of fresh air after the tumultous Király Street or the snobiety of the mainstream wine bars. A truly welcoming atmosphere, an extra friendly staff and the warmth of the more residential Buda area make it one of our top favourite wine bars in town, which is ideal before or after a bigger party, night out or a pub crawl.