A Budapest pub crawl can showcase many typical personalities

The guy playing Smells Like Teen Spirit in the corner or the girl who takes 3,5 hours in the bathroom to put a make-up on. Which one are you? Our guide for the 10 typical personalities on a Budapest pub crawl helps you see which class you belong to and which classes you should look for.

You'll definitely recognise the drinking machine on a Budapest pub crawl

1) The drinking machine

You can see it already in the hostel who’s the one who can endure the most amount of shots. Its natural habitat is close to the refrigerator and either Hennessy, Smirnoff or simply beer is tatooed on his arm. If he in invites you for a drink, smile and accept it. But if he challenges you to a drinking binge, simply run!

2) The make-up artist

If you’re in an Airbnb trying to nap and somebody’s shouting “Sheila, where the hell are you?”, then you can be sure that Sheila is the one who prepares for a hours before a night out. Who knows whether it’s a lack of self confidence or simple narcissism. She just won’t come out of the bathroom until everything looks perfect. Dare to look better than her on a pub crawl only on your own responsibility!

The guitar novice can charm anybody with his simple skills

3) The guitar novice

If somebody comes to a pub crawl with a guitar case, you have two options. Either you suppose that he’s a great player with perfect skills. Or you just know that he can barely play a few chords of some well-known songs (the all-time favourite is probably Wonderwall) to make others think he’s cool. He may as well be, but not because of his finger technique.

4) The leader

You know when you’re one when the whole Budapest pub crawl listens to when you say a single word. You just attract attention and know what the people want to do. And you just know how to make them do it. It’s a gift that many people crave for, but not many can have. Do not use it for your own sake. But try to apply it to cheer up others. You may as well launch your very own pub crawl.

There is always at least one couple on a Budapest pub crawl.

5) The couple

If you’re on a Budapest pub crawl with your boyfriend/girlfriend and there is a couple just being cut off from everybody else, then you know they are The Couple. If you can’t see them, but others look at you strangely, then consider that you may be that very couple. You need to decide whether this position fits you and your partner.

The observer is a common element of a Budapest pub crawl

6) The observer

The guy is sitting strangely comfortable in the corner, seemingly immune to any approaches for a conversation. Sometimes he sips from his wine, but he never gets drunk, occasionally writing a line or two about the pub crawl group in his smartphone or notebook. If you see someone like him, then you see the type of the observer. Whether he writes a book or a blog, nobody knows. But it may be worth to be in good terms with him in case he becomes famous.

7) The relationship addict

Seeing a boy or a girl chasing either exclusively boys or girls is a good hint that the person is deeply lonely and is in need of a relationship. The guy shooting clumsy flirt lines to all the ladies or the girl who just wants to be invited for a drink from every single male on a Budapest pub crawl. If you’re single, too, you may as well enjoy their company to the fullest. But if not, just smile and continue talking to the others.

Beware of the stag party if you go to a Budapest pub crawl!

8) The stag party gang

This time it’s not a single person but a group of very single persons. Except for one, of course. They are pretty recognisable as they sing the same songs/lines in harmony and with full volume. Some may even wear identical t-shirts. It’s not easy to join them but once you’re in, you achieved the next level of a Budapest pub crawl. Just remember not to board the same plane as them.

The business traveler is a very foxy type of pub crawler

9) The business traveler

Ever had the feeling of being on a business trip and having the urge to party? Then you have surely been this type. Your company sent you to discuss the results of Q3 to Hungary for a few days. But you still cannot resist that invitation to a true Budapest pub crawl you have always dreamt of. Don’t worry, it’s completely OK to join. Just don’t forget to ditch your suit-and-tie attire before you come!

10) The weedhead

At first, he seems very friendly, open and generous. But after a few hours you will see the difference between him and the others. And it’s the same on all the Budapest pub crawls. Weedheads just go lazy and sleepy from pot. While the ones who drink cheer up from every new beer, Unicum and other shots. So decide which side you’re on. The one who goes home before midnight? Or the one for whom the party starts at midnight?