Budapest is one of the party capitals of Europe

Tired of London? Heard way too much about Berlin? Then we have a brilliant tip for you! Instead of the corny mainstream party capitals, head towards Hungary and try the discos, bars and pub crawls of Budapest. But before that, let us tell you why.

The size of Budapest makes it easy to find entertainment in the city

Size matters, and it matters a lot

It is pretty easy to get lost in the multitude of opportunities to have fun when you are in a grand metropolis. There’s simply too many people and too many things to do. But Budapest is different. It is big enough to host a lavish range of concerts, DJ gigs, pub crawls and many more. Yet is is small enough to be accessible and welcoming. Most of what happens takes place in the party district, the very core of the centre of Budapest. Whether on your own or with others, you will be able to discover the area simply by foot. And you will surely meet many like-minded people, a plethora of extraordinary events and tons of memorable adventures.

The community makes the Budapest pub crawls and ruin bars extraordinary

The people have the power

It’s not unexpected to have huge groups of unknown people around you if you are on a holiday. But it is surprising how easily you can befriend locals and fellow travelers during a party or a pub crawl in Budapest. The concentrated nature of what you can and should do provides many opportunities to make momentary or long-lasting relationships with anyone. And the network of Budapest pub crawls, ruin bars and artsy cafés all make it easily possible to share stories, worldviews and experiences. So don’t forget to choose the best of them all to secure your fun trip!

Budapest is well-known for its intensive party scene

Party, party and even more party

Budapest has a long-lasting relationship with partying. Even decades ago, there was an entire island full of discos and bars on the Danube. Today, the focus shifted towards the city centre, where an even more colourful array of places awaits you. You may warm up in a stylish pub, then dance until the wee small hours in a ruin bar. Before the sun comes up, you will still have time to find a bona-fide techno club or some after hours entertainment in a house party. You may discover everything on your own, but you can also pick an all-encompassing Budapest pub crawl. What you can achieve in a single night only depends on your courage.