Budapest by night offers many adventures for visitors and locals

You know the basic principle. If you travel somewhere, you will only do the touristy things. You won’t get a single bit of what the locals really do. This is what we’d like to change. Here, we help you how to eat out, party and chill in Budapest by night. Like real Hungarians do.

If you go out in Budapest by night, you should have something in your stomach

Eat something truly Hungarian

If you decide to discover Budapest by night, you will need a lot of energy. And what could provide a decent portion of calories than a proper Hungarian meal? Apart from the typical culinary adventures (check our related post here), you may dive a bit deeper into the local cuisine. You just need to know the perfect places. If you wish to enjoy a fancy atmosphere and a cutting-edge menu, go to Menza. But if you dare to go closer to what is really served on Hungarian tables, look for Frici Papa Kifőzdéje. There, you will get a glimpse of how a nutritious Hungarian dish looks and taste like. Believe us, your mind and your body won’t regret it!

It may be worth to discover lesser known places as well

Go just a little bit off the map!

It can be fun to go to Szimpla, Ötkert or Instant-Fogas every once in a while. But most of the people in Budapest have their very own favourite places. These are mostly not the ones advertised for tourists, yet they are still easy to find. If you’d like to discover something truly artsy and alternative, then head towards Vittula or Beat On The Brat. Both are pinnacles of the local nightlife. But if you want pubs and clubs that are closer to the main vein of the city, then you can to to Anker’t, Retox or Kisüzem, for example. Our tip for getting a genuine taste of how Budapest by night looks like is signing up for a pub crawl. It will surely give you an experience you will tell your friends for a few years.

A real houseparty can end your adventure in Budapest by night with much fun

Get invited to a house party!

Of course, as if it was that easy! Still, during your stay in Budapest, you may as well befriend someone who would happily invite you to stay awake until the sun comes up with other vagabonds of the night. Unfortunately, many clubs and bars aren’t open that long, and it is part of the local party culture to go somewhere more private to continue the evening fun. Some early morning beers can lead to great conversations and many new acquaintances. So take it as a challenge to meet someone and stretch your evening until the light comes through the windows! If you’re lucky, your Budapest in the morning will be just as great as your Budapest by night.