The party complex in Akácfa Street offers the best of Budapest clubs

You literally cannot walk a single mile in the centre of Budapest without hearing the name of Instant or Fogas. The two heavyweights of the Budapest clubs recently fused together, creating one of the most pioneering party complexes in Europe. A single night in Instant-Fogas can change how you see Hungary. So it’s well worth to check in when you’re around.

The fusion of Instant and Fogas is a huge thing in the ruin bar scene

A marriage made in heaven

Instant and Fogas have both been solid players among the Budapest clubs and ruin bars. With their exceptional interior, luscious design and vivacious atmosphere they climbed to the top of the local nightlife. Endless parties, tons of drinks and a miraculous openness characterised the weekends spent by many locals and visitors there. So it seemed natural to blend the two worlds one way or another. This came to fruition when the rental lease of Instant expired and the staff had to look for a new location. And where could it have been better than in the building right next to Fogas? After the fusion of two of the most popular places in Budapest, something really special started. And it has been going on ever since.

Instant's new interior reflects the old one

One club to rule them all

The mixture of Instant and Fogas could easily have been enough to overgrow the rest of the Budapest clubs. But the thing is that Instant-Fogas is only the very tip of the iceberg. The labyrinthine complex in Akácfa Street encapsulates four other places to drink, eat and dance in, all with their unique idiosyncracies. Lärm is for the well-informed techno fan. Liebling is a fancy bar to sip wine and champagne at. Robot is a greasy club with a more alternative and rocky edge. While Frame offers entertainment for those who crave for more straightforward club music and broken beats. One thing is guaranteed: even if you get lost in the grand building of Instant-Fogas, you will surely find something that is in harmony with your taste.

Fogas is one of the most spacious ruin bars in the Budapest club scene

Everybody likes to be in the centre

The best thing about Instant-Fogas may be that it’s in the literal centre of the city. And not only in the geographical sense. So no matter if you are just roaming the streets or are on a crazy pub crawl, you will be easily able to locate this landmark and find everything that happens on that particular night. Akácfa Street is a tiny boulevard of diners, bars and eateries, but even if you already chose something else in the party district, it won’t be further than a few minutes of walking away. The colourful array of people who share the night with you flow in the direction of Instant-Fogas anyway, so this beacon of the Budapest clubs will wait for you every weekend of the year.