Budapest is rich in natural places for your hangover

Before you go to a party in Budapest, you should always prepare scenarios for the nausea and the headache the next day. Here, we tell you which spots, spas and restaurants to visit to feel much better after the night ends.

The green mown of the Margaret Island is great after a Budapest party

Go back to nature!

If your night in a fabulous ruin bar, club or pub was great, the next day will be horrible. But luckily there are many peaceful places where you can enjoy natural recuperation after a party in Budapest. The shady meadows of Margaret Island can provide an enjoyable retreat from the noise of the city. You can also opt for the tall trees of the City Park (Városliget) or go to the Normafa. There, you can chill with a panoramic view upon the fascinating Buda Hills.

The thermal baths of Budapest are wonderful spots for recuperation

Soak yourself!

Apart from the nightlife, Budapest is also famous for its thermal baths. So after a party in Anker’t or Retox, you may just sit in a spa to make the hangover leave. The most popular of them are the Széchenyi and Gellért ones. Both of them have impressive interiors and decades-long history in health and hospitality. If you prefer something more private, then choose a smaller spa, like the Király, Veli Bej or Rudas baths. These are also perfect places, with the latter having a magnificent pool that looks on the Danube. All of them are outstanding companions if you want to get into shape after a Budapest party.

A delicious brunch can ease your hangover after a party in Budapest

Eat it out!

After a great and intensive pub crawl, the only thing you may want is something healthy for your stomach. Fortunately, Budapest has plenty of places where you can brunch away the headache. There are bakeries where you can have delicious pastries (Freyja, The Hatchery, Butter Brothers). But you can choose dedicated breakfast places with various novelties (Coyote Coffee & Deli, Fekete, Törökméz), too. And many restaurants that are close to fine dining (Villa Bagatelle, Kollázs Brasserie & Bar, Horizont) wait for you as well. The spectrum is so wide that no matter which one you choose, you will feel just fine by the afternoon, regardless of how crazy your party in Budapest was.